Energy & Environment

Our expertise
in energy and environment

  • SELVA offers global solutions covering every stage of the products and electronic systems value chain :
  • Specifications definition / Bill of specifications
  • Design / Redesign
  • Demonstrator / Prototyping
  • Production Engineering / Design For eXcellence (DFX) expertise (DFM, DFT)
  • Manufacturing (PCBA)
  • Post assembly Coating, varnishing, potting and burning in
  • Full assembly and testing (design and manufacturing of test benches)
  • Operating conditions maintenance / After-sales
  • Lifecycle management solutions
  • Certifications and standards
  • ISO 9001 Quality
  • IPC A600/A610/A620 Class 3
  • Examples of applications
  • Wind, water, solar converter
  • 600W brushless motor for electric vehicule
  • BMS/Battery charger
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Our achievements
in energy and environment sector

600W converter at MPPT (Maximum Power Point tracking)

This electronic converter integrating a microcontroller with a power of 600W is double function.

Beyond system monitoring, it performs an energy conversion to charge batteries. MPPT optimizes the energy efficiency from intermittent sources (hydro and solar inputs).

A configurable topology is undertaken with an H-bridge, which allows switching between bucking or boosting according to the available energy input.

Thanks to its intelligent charge control, taking into account the batteries state of charge (Absorption and Floating modes), the converter ensures multivoltage charging and the batteries integrity without the addition of an external regulator. Switching from one mode to another is automatic. RGB lighting indicates real-time charging power.

Our strengths

  • BMS Pb and Li-Ion of 12V 50A or 24V 25A
  • Sources: Hydrogenerator or solar panels
  • Available energy management with MPPT treatment
  • Output 98% ATMEL ATMEGA2560
  • AC DC Buck or Boost converter with H-bridge – 600W
  • PID control loops management by software
  • Management of current, voltage and temperature levels
  • Waterproof box with passive ventilation by convection