Our expertise
in the medical field

  • SELVA offers global solutions covering every stage of the products and electronic systems value chain :
  • Specifications definition / Bill of specifications
  • Design / Redesign, safety operating analysis (FMECA)
  • Demonstrator / Prototyping
  • Production Engineering / DFX expertise (DFM, DFT)
  • Manufacturing (PCBA)
  • Post assembly Coating, varnishing, potting and burning in
  • Full assembly and testing (design and manufacturing of test benches)
  • Operating conditions maintenance / After-sales
  • Lifecycle management solutions
  • Certifications and standards
  • ISO 9001 Quality
  • IPC A600/A610/A620 Class 3
  • EN 62304
  • Examples of applications
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Medical devices for chronic diseases
  • Medical incubator
  • Disinfection equipment
  • Laboratory tools
  • Dental
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Our achievements
in the medical sector

Medical transportation incubator

The development has been carried out in compliance with EN60601-1 and 1-8 medical standards and the EN62304 software development standards.

FMECA and SFMEA studies help to reduce or eliminate the risk of failures.

The architecture has been designed with a RENESAS M32 microcontroller and the firmware follows the applicable MISRA C rules. PID control loops stabilise the incubator’s environmental conditions in relation to infant.

A 1MHz CAN bus provides communication between the HMI and the control board.

Our strengths

  • Development in compliance with EN60601 et EN62304 standards
  • PID control loops for temperature, humidity and oxygen
  • Temperature measurement to one-hundredth of a degree
  • Renesas M32- Coding according MISRA C rules
  • FMECA and SFMEA studies
  • 1MHz CAN bus

Aerosol disinfecting device

A control subassembly activates the different motors: a bidirectional current pump motor guides the disinfectant liquid outside, a brushless motor cuts the liquid drops into fine particles, and a DC fan diffuses the particles into the air.

A 72W BMS (Battery Management System) provides power to the system, which controls a Ni-MH battery. The one stage SEPIC output adjusts the voltage to optimize the operation of the motors.

The HMI subassembly is equipped with a 240×128 graphic display.

The product architecture is based on STM32 microcontrollers. Communication between the subassemblies is done by CAN bus. WIFI communication with an Android application allows remote switch on and control of the product.

Our strengths

  • 48 000 rpm Brushless Motor
  • Sinusoidal Controller
  • PID control loops and motor speed management
  • Integrated HMI
  • Android Application
  • Wifi communication
  • Ni-MH Battery Management System