CSR commitment

In line with its mission and family values, Selva has been committed for several years to an eco-citizen approach that takes into account the preservation of the environment and the well-being of its employees at its two sites. To achieve this, SELVA is focusing on 4 areas of commitment:

Social and Human Resources

Selva works to improve the quality of life and working conditions of its employees. Its actions are a source of commitment, motivation and performance:

  • Listening, caring and engaging in dialogue, in particular through local managers
  • Reconciling professional and private life by offering a flexible working policy, including teleworking, flexitime, 4 and a half day weeks, etc.
  • Offering ergonomic work equipment and materials to make daily life easier and reduce the risk of work-related accidents and illnesses,
  • Define an induction programme for new employees and raise their awareness of ESD, FOD, etc. at the time of recruitment through an awareness-raising workshop.
  • Offer mutual insurance and provident cover for all our employees,
  • Support employees in developing their skills through training provided by our in-house trainer or external organisations;
  • Offer a privileged working environment: bright, pleasant and functional premises, etc.
  • Organising social events and developing cohesion between departments
  • Playing a part in local basketball teams to encourage social cohesion among employees.

Selling responsibly

Selva is committed to developing its sales in a responsible manner, from the creation of the card, through the purchase of materials, to delivery:

  • Design products and services that meet our customers’ needs over the long term while minimising our impact on the environment,
  • To ensure that the products created by our design office are ultimately useful,
  • Develop research and development partnerships to benefit from a diversity of perspectives and lead to significant advances,
  • Use resources more responsibly by, for example, reusing packaging to package products.

Production and environmental impact

From the creation of the card’s design, through the purchase of sustainable materials, resonant manufacturing and right up to its final test, Selva controls its environmental impact. We are members of the ORACE association, which supports companies in their efforts to control their energy consumption:

  • Optimising our waste management: 80% of waste is recycled,
  • Installing beehives and sharing honey beer with employees,
  • Modernising our premises by equipping all our sites with LED lighting.

Company ecosystem

By surrounding itself with quality partners, Selva has created a reliable, trustworthy environment that shares its values:

  • Créer des partenariats solides et fiables pour assurer notre croissance et notre succès,
  • Poursuivre ses travaux collaboratifs à travers notre présence auprès de deux pôles de compétitivité ,
  • Promouvoir la filière de l’électronique auprès des jeunes générations : portes ouvertes de nos usines, partenariat auprès des écoles régionales…
  • Accompagner les jeunes générations dans leur intégration dans le monde professionnel. En septembre 2023, 12 apprentis sont présents sur nos 2 sites de production.